Lucy’s Big Adventure Begins

This morning Lucy and I did all the last minute stuff to get ready for her trip, and then we loaded the car and headed for the airport shortly after noon. She has two suitcases, each of which can weigh up to 50 pounds. They each weighed 49.5 pounds! (She is taking some things to her hosts, and some of the things are heavy.)

We had an enjoyable three-hour drive to the airport, and then I dropped Lucy off at the curb while I went to park the car. There was a little hitch with checking her luggage, and we had to go to a customer service desk. It turns out that her destination flagged her because they wanted to make sure she had a visa. (Huzzah for the visa!) I was relieved that her bags were checked all the way to Santa Cruz.

We had some time to kill so we sat and relaxed for a while. Well, I relaxed and did some knitting. Lucy was pretty nervous. It is a big deal to fly to another continent by yourself! Lucy now earns the distinction of being the first member of our family to set foot in South America. Walter, Lina, Flynn, Mary, Mercy and I have all been to Africa. Walter and Mercy have been to Asia (China, Japan, South Korea). Many of us have been to Europe, and of course Walter grew up there, and Spencer has been to Guatemala—but Lucy is the first to make it to South America. I’m envious! Especially since she’ll be staying with my dear friend Elizabeth . . .

Finally it was time for her to go through security, so we said our goodbyes and I watched until she was out of sight. Then I went and sat in the car until she texted that she had boarded the plane. I wanted to make sure everything was okay!

It was a long drive home, the first half of it in rush hour traffic. The sky was stunningly beautiful though, with dozens of low-flying flat-bottomed clouds floating around. Lucy reached Miami before I reached home, and I had to pull off the highway to text back and forth and make sure she had everything figured out. Now she is somewhere in the air between Miami and Santa Cruz. She is going to be so tired tomorrow if she can’t sleep on the plane!



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