Last Day

(note: I wrote this last night and then forgot to post it!)

I knew today was going to be rough. Having house guests for the last week has made it so much harder to stay on top of preparations for Lucy’s trip. Our guests left this morning, but a lot later than planned, so I was playing catch-up all day.

We had to go to the bank and make sure that her debit card would be usable in Bolivia. We had a package to mail and a gas tank to fill. Lucy wanted to print some photos also. Then I had to take Jasper to his 4-H meeting this afternoon.

Since I had to sit through the 4-H meeting, I took the knitting with the moth hole and worked on it. I ended up with a patch of sorts. It doesn’t look too bad if you don’t look too closely. However, as I prepared to fold it up and put it away, I found another moth hole. That one was a little easier to fix and looks a little better too, which is great since it’s in the front.

I was still recovering from that this evening when I found a third moth hole. At that point I just wanted to cry, but I fixed it as best I could. Moths are pure evil.

Now it is evening and I have done everything that is my responsibility other than driving Lucy to the airport tomorrow! I never did find my small camera, so I gave her my old smart phone to use as a camera so at least she’ll have something. I want lots of photos!

I guess I should get some sleep if I’m going to spend several hours driving tomorrow.


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