A Two-Panic Day

I actually got to sleep in till 8:00 today, since I didn’t need to make a Walmart run this morning. We had breakfast and then Walter and Jasper left for their yard jobs.

Meanwhile, I had a job that I have been putting off for some time but I knew I really had to do it. I had to “block” something I had knitted some time ago. This involves washing it very gently in warm water, and then spreading it out to dry flat. While it’s still wet, you stretch it into shape and use pins to hold it that way until it dries.

You can imagine my horror when I got the thing all nicely spread out—and there was a big ol’ moth hole in it. I hate moths so much. I had no idea that a moth had gotten to my project. I need this project to be fixed. I’m not sure if I can fix it. That was my first panic.

The second moment of panic started with a text from a friend (who is also our 4-H leader) saying, “If you bought or need to buy any supplies for Monday’s meeting, save the receipt and our 4-H club will reimburse you.”

I was extremely puzzled. Why would I need supplies for the 4-H meeting? I asked her, and the answer instigated BIG panic. I might need supplies for the cake decorating demonstration I’d be giving during the meeting on Monday. It’s like being told you’re about to take the final exam for a class you never took! I had no idea I was supposed to do a demonstration. The girl in charge of arranging the programs had told Walter she wanted me to do cake decorating demo sometime this fall, but I never in my wildest dreams thought she meant TWO DAYS FROM NOW.

I don’t mind doing demonstrations like this, but it takes a couple of weeks of planning and getting stuff together and making samples and so forth. I have so much to do before Lucy leaves and we have house guests and there is just no way I could be ready to give a quality demonstration by Monday.

After a few minutes of all-out panic, I got a phone call and we discussed the situation. The end result was that they found someone else to speak on Monday and I will do my demonstration some other month. ANY other month!

This evening I made my final batch of chai mix to benefit Lucy’s trip. Most of it is spoken for. There is still a LOT to do!

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