Shopping Day

This morning Jasper and I made it up to Aldi a few minutes before it opened. That was probably the least objectionable visit I have had in a while. On the way home we stopped at the craft store so I could get some more yarn for Gwen, who was on the brink of finishing her dish cloth.

After we got all the food put away, it was time for Lucy and me to go out for some mother-daughter bonding and shopping for her trip. We stopped for lunch at the Mexican grocery store and had delicious Mexican food before buying pastries to take home to everyone else. She was able to get almost everything on her list. Tomorrow, we make a big batch of chai mix to fill some final orders before she leaves.

Also today, Mercy and Flynn drove down to Colorado, where Mercy will spend the weekend. Since her passport is still missing, she will have to postpone her trip to Scotland and come home in a few days. It will be good to see her!

Meanwhile, it’s hard to believe we only have three days to get Lucy ready to fly to Bolivia. It’s going to be a busy weekend.

I still haven’t found the camera, though I am still looking. Please keep praying!


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