A New Project & Changed Plans

As I write this, I am so tired I am having a hard time remembering what happened today. Not much in the way of school, that’s for sure. Jasper has been the primary source of entertainment for Don and Gwen’s son Jayme since Spencer has had other obligations.

Don and Gwen went out for a while this morning, so I took the opportunity to get started on a project about which I cannot yet write. But it felt good to get going. I confess I did not do any searching for camera or passport today, but I hope to be back at it tomorrow.

One thing I’ve been doing is trying to cheer up my friend Nettie who has been in the hospital all week. I’ve been sending her photos that I think she will like and it has been fun to find them and alter various quotes to apply to her situation. It’s the only thing I could think of to do since she is too far away for me to visit in person!

We found out today that Don & Gwen will be staying until Monday instead of leaving tomorrow as originally planned. That will make it a little more challenging to get Lucy ready for her trip, but we’ll do our best. Can you believe she is flying out on Tuesday?

I finished out the evening by boiling eggs in my Instant Pot. Jasper and I are actually going to a social event tomorrow and it involves food.

Flynn is in South Dakota visiting Mercy now, and on Friday he will be taking her back to Colorado with him. Sounds like they are having a good time.


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