Our friends Don and Gwen are visiting again. This time they are in the process of moving here to Texas, so they have brought all their worldly goods in a trailer. They arrived yesterday afternoon with their oldest son Jayme. They will be in a state of flux for a while, so they will have to park their trailer somewhere until they find a more permanent residence.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying their company. Walter had to work today, but we did have a nice “Labor Day” meal for supper.

I also finished one knitting project and started another. I am so proud of myself for getting an early start on my Christmas knitting this year. I also got Gwen going on some knitting for the first time in years, and she is enjoying it. (We both learned to knit in grade school but I have done a lot more of it as an adult than she has.)

I spent a considerable amount of time today searching once more for the camera. Lucy does not have her own camera to take to Bolivia, and I have one she can take–but only if I can find it! We also still have not found Mercy’s passport, and that is extremely urgent. If we do not find it she will not be able to go to Scotland as planned. Please pray that we will find those two items!

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