I admit it. I am disgruntled. My computer mouse quit working to day for no reason. Replacing the battery did not help. I haven’t dropped it or done anything that might make it suddenly go on strike. I am not a fan of using the touchpad. Guess who will be buying a new mouse tomorrow?

Today we had school, of course, and I also had my class to prepare for. I have taught this class so many times, yet I still keep thinking of little ways to make it better.

I also had to go to Walmart to buy groceries and cook a chicken in my Instant Pot so I could throw a casserole together after my class. Jasper and I had a 4-H kick-off dinner to go to. It wasn’t a big group, but most of the new officers were there, including Jasper of course, who is treasurer this year.

I got a fair amount of knitting done during the meeting. Then I came home to the mouse situation. So, rather than fume over my computer, I did some more knitting! I’m trying to get a good start on my Christmas knitting, because there are only four more months!


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