A Visitor Arrives

I guess I forgot to post last night. I got caught up in a writing task and then just went to bed. Today started off a little different as Lucy had a doctor’s appointment. I had hoped we could just get her prescription altered over the phone, but that was not an option, so we had to go back in. Her meds will probably have to be tweaked from time to time until they hit on the “right” combination.

Jasper and I still had school to do, of course, and this afternoon he and Spencer mowed our overgrown front yard. The rain has really made the grass grow!

I sent a couple of things off in the mail and then came home to talk to Mary on the phone. It is always good to catch up with one of my adult kids.

Later, Lucy and I drove to the airport to pick up Bri, who is spending the weekend with us before going off to Scotland for the fall semester.

In between all these things, I actually got quite a bit of knitting done. I am in full Christmas-knitting mode now and have a long list of projects I am hoping to complete.

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