One Step Forward, One Step Back

This morning Lucy had to get up early to go to work doing some housework for an elderly couple who are the parents of a homeschool friend. Jasper and Isaac were up first though, and getting ready for an excursion to the donut shop with their neighborhood friends.

I drove Lucy up to the house where she’d be working. The couple were so sweet and friendly. I knew she’d enjoy working there, and I was right.

I left her there and drove home, where I just had time for a mug of tea before taking Isaac home. Isaac lives quite a distance away, so he and Jasper sat in the back seat and talked the whole way. It was a pretty drive even though the weather was once again overcast and wet.

By the time we returned home, I just had time to take a shower before going to pick up Lucy again! She really enjoyed getting to know the couple she was working for. After lunch she went to the campus to get a couple of documents notarized. We thought this was the final “hoop” we’d have to jump through before sending off her visa application. We were wrong.

It turns out that one of the documents was supposed to be notarized in Bolivia, not Texas! That is a problem. We are currently working on a solution. Time is running out! Please pray that we will be able to find a way to satisfy the requirements and get her visa in time!

Meanwhile, I was privileged to visit with my friend Connie this afternoon. She and her family moved out of our neighborhood four years ago and are in ministry in El Paso, so we don’t see them often. It is always so good to see her and get caught up. Her son Peter, a former student of mine, got married on Saturday so I enjoyed hearing about the wedding. We talked all afternoon and I got some knitting done too.

Speaking of knitting I discovered this evening that I have committed an accidental Moebius. You know how when you are knitting something on circular needles, they always say to “join, making sure not to twist stitches? I did that very carefully. But somehow, while I was knitting the first row or two, the knitting acquired a twist. It is a very pretty Moebius strip now. The problem is, that’s not what I intended! However, I have done enough knitting on it to make me very reluctant to pull it all out and start over . . .


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