Coming & Going

We had two house guests last night, but I didn’t see any sign of them until very late this morning, so Jasper and were not interrupted as we did school. I also had him make some muffins for when the kids did wake up. We will be working on Jasper’s cooking skills this semester. Unlike Spencer, he enjoys cooking and wants to get better at it.

It poured rain most of the morning, but it was only drizzling when I went out to run errands this afternoon. I had hoped to mail the visa application, but found there was yet another hoop to jump through. At least one of the documents Lucy has to submit must be notarized, so we will get that done tomorrow. It’s looking more and more like we may have to drive to Houston next week.

Lucy spent much of last night and all afternoon today dyeing her friend Camila’s hair. First it had to be bleached. I was more than a little surprised when she came downstairs with yellow hair this morning! Now it is a very pretty dark blue and purple.

Also, Jasper’s friend Isaac arrived at lunchtime and is spending the night, so even though Camila won’t be here tonight, we’ll still have two extras!

I decided to try going to Aldi this evening instead of in the morning, because I really hate to go during school hours. It was a little less crowded, but many items were out of stock, so that was a little frustrating. Everybody else stayed home and ate pizza for supper. It’s helpful for me to have something else to do since I know I can’t give in to the temptation to eat pizza!


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