Birthdays & Visitors

Today is my brothers’ birthday.  Yes, that is “brothers” plural. My twin brothers were born six weeks early when I was two years old. They are as un-twin-like as it is possible to be and still be related. Even when they were very young, people did not know or guess they were twins. I hope they both had a very happy birthday!

Today was also the day that we finally celebrated the birthday of my friend Angela. Her birthday was last month, and we had planned to do it then, but life intervened and this is the first day that has worked out since I returned from my travels.

So this morning I got Jasper going on his schoolwork and then I took off in the rain to go pick up Angela (she doesn’t have a vehicle). Even in the rain, it is a beautiful drive. We didn’t have any big plans. We just sat and knitted and talked. At noon our friend Robin joined us and we ate salad in the living room and visited some more. Then Robin left and Angela and I continued to visit until her husband came to pick her up after he got off work.

While Angela and Robin were both still here, another vehicle drove up and dropped off two Hellmuths, Daniel and Camila. Camila is spending the night with Lucy tonight and Daniel will be with us for several days again. Our house is busy!

The young people went off to church together and Walter went to work so Jasper and I enjoyed a video dinner in the living room. I have been able to get quite a bit of knitting done today, but I can’t tell you anything about it because it was all Christmas knitting.

I developed a headache this evening and treated it by resting and reading. Reading feels like such a luxury.

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