The Schedule is Filling Up

Today was another pretty busy day, which is kind of discouraging seeing how early it is in the school year! Jasper worked on school this morning and then I took Lucy out for a mother-daughter lunch. After that I took her to a store to buy some new jeans and we both were horrified at the price. When you are over six feet tall, you can’t buy the cheap jeans at Walmart!

I think we now have all the pieces we need for the Bolivia visa application, so we should be able to mail it out tomorrow. What a chore.

Jasper and I had more schoolwork to do this afternoon, and then Lucy headed off for a babysitting job and I headed off for a local homeschool resource fair. I had some brochures about this year’s classes but I doubt there was any interest. I do have the bare minimum to do my paragraph class this fall. The regular English classes are being handled very well by another lady and I do not believe there is enough demand for me to keep doing that also. And this year, I really need to focus on helping Jasper anyway.

The fair was very crowded, mostly with people I don’t know at all, and I realized after a while that my presence was not necessary. Even if someone picked up my brochure, they wouldn’t know to talk to me about it since they wouldn’t know who I was! So, since I had some shopping to do before picking up Lucy, I slipped out and drove to Walmart in the pouring rain.

Later, before leaving to pick up Lucy, I tried cooking a chicken in my instant pot. I am still rather afraid of it and have only tried it for one other thing so far. It doesn’t help that I can’t find the instruction manual and have to look everything up online! I ended up waiting for Lucy for 45 minutes so by the time we got home the chicken was very well done indeed. Still, I’d rather have it be a little overdone than not done enough!

Tomorrow, we will try to do school and I will also have a visitor.

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