Sticker Shock = She Got Stuck & I Was Shocked!

Oops! I wrote this last night and then forgot to post it!

I apologize for my silence on Saturday. Walter and I decided to go out to see the new Star Trek move, a movie that purports to prove that rock music is the most powerful force in the universe. (We loved it, by the way.) It was too late to write a blog post by the time we returned home.

Last night (Sunday) Walter became very ill but fortunately it only lasted for a few hours. By the time he got up this morning, he was able to go to work.

Today I had big goals. I had several things to mail for Lina, and I had to get them ready. Obviously I had school to do with Jasper. And we really hoped to get Lucy’s visa application sent off. This morning, when I checked a different list of requirements, I saw that a yellow fever immunization is required. Well, that was a surprise. The list I’ve been working from did not mention that requirement!

I couldn’t get the health department to answer their phone, so Lucy came with me to mail packages and then we went to the health department to ask about the yellow fever shot. Not surprisingly, they don’t offer them there. They did tell us a place that does do them, though, so we got back in the car and drove up there. We filled out all the paper work and then after we had waited quite a while, the receptionist called me up to pay for the injection.

I almost swallowed my tongue when she told me it was going to cost $185. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that it might be more than $100. And of course, we could hardly change our minds because it is required for Lucy’s visa! I’m still not over the shock. At least she got the shot and her very own yellow immunization record. Just seeing it brought back so many memories of all the travels I went on with my own little yellow booklet.

So, maybe tomorrow we will finally have all the necessary documents and can finally send off the visa application. It is a rather harrowing process.

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