A Doctor Visit and a Movie

Today I had my regular quarterly doctor’s visit. It is so weird for me to have to go to the doctor on a regular basis after so many years of never going at all. There was nothing earth-shattering that came up. I just have to keep working on the stuff I’m already working on. I was interested to hear that she (my doctor) went on a mission trip to Malawi this summer. I think she was surprised that I had even heard of it, and more surprised when I told her we used to go on vacation there!

This afternoon I had another movie date with Lina. It is evening for her in Africa and afternoon for me, but it works out pretty well and we both get a bunch of knitting done! I have actually started my first Christmas knitting project, so it is nice to have a head start on that.

Mercy was feeling a little better today and was able to work a little. Whew! I was pretty worried about her last night.

After watching a movie this evening, Jasper had to finish his math. He didn’t get it done this afternoon because he was helping across the street and mowing the yard. We survived the first week of school!

One thought on “A Doctor Visit and a Movie

  1. Ha, I must have been pretty upset by the odd numbered movie ’cause I totally goosed the last half of the cowl I was working on and had to frog it. In my defense, decreasing while cabling without a cable needle is a little tricky. However, I almost never actually use a cable needle (live on the edge!), and I got it figured out in the end. Now if I could just count at the same time…


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