A Mealtime Mix-Up

I’ve got to figure out a better way to do grocery shopping. My budget forces me to shop at Aldi, but I can’t go there on Saturday mornings because it opens too late. So I’ve been going on Thursday mornings. It’s always so crowded and it interferes with school, obviously. There’s got to be some time when it’s not super crowded and also not during school hours, right?

So anyway, I went to Aldi and then this afternoon I got a couple of boxes ready to mail to Lina and Jasper helped me mail them. Then we went to WalMart to get the stuff we couldn’t get at Aldi. It was so hot. Even walking from the car to the building drains my energy.

Meanwhile, Mercy texted me to let me know that she has a stomach bug and is very ill. I hate her being so far away at a time like this!

Then we had a mix-up about supper. I had seen a container in the freezer and it looked like something to put on rice—maybe curry. This morning I asked Jasper to bring it up to thaw and tell me what it was, because whatever it was I figured we needed to eat it if I couldn’t remember! So he took a look at it and told me it was ground nut stew. I made sure to buy all the toppings and to make a big pot of rice for supper. Then I opened the container and found out that it was not ground nut stew after all—it was chili!

So, we had chili on rice for supper. Nothing wrong with that—it just wasn’t what I was expecting!

Janet also moved out this evening. She has been living with us since May, but to be honest we saw her so rarely that it won’t be much different now that she’s moved back into her dorm. Things are gearing up for the beginning of the semester at the university!


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