The Sound of Music

Today went pretty well, school-wise. We added vocabulary to the schedule. Yes, in this family vocabulary is a separate subject. We love words. We also did a lot of fraction wrangling in math and I think Jasper and I will both be glad when we move on to some other topic!

At lunchtime I loaded my autoharp into the car and took off for my first lesson since April! My schedule has been so crazy since then and the rare times when I was free, my teacher Ann was off dazzling listeners with her skills in some other state. Really. She is that good. In demand at music festivals everywhere!

So anyway, I was so thrilled to finally be making the long drive to Quitman again. It is such a beautiful drive through gorgeous countryside, and at the end of it a welcoming house in an idyllic rural setting. Today I parked in my usual spot and was returning a couple of texts before getting out, when Ann knocked on my window and almost made me jump out of my skin! She was very concerned that I had parked in the sun and insisted that I pull up under a tree where my car would be shaded. She is so kind and thoughtful.

We ended up hanging out for almost three hours. It wasn’t all lesson–we were mostly catching up on our summer activities. She taught and was a featured performer at the biggest autoharp festival in the country, and I wish I could have been there to see and hear her! I did persuade her to play at least one of her performance pieces for me. After two years, I still love the sound of the autoharp and never get tired of hearing or playing it.

Because I’ve had such an intense summer, I haven’t practiced much (other than hymns for church) and didn’t have much to show her. In fact, I told her to just pretend that I’ve been in a coma all summer, because the results are basically the same! So I decided to get a head start on Christmas music so that my repertoire will grow before I need it again. Besides, just playing Christmas music in August makes you feel cooler, right? Now that we are settling back into a routine, I hope to schedule in some regular practice time.

I didn’t play any music during the lovely long drive home because my head was already full of music. It sure felt good to feed my musician side today.



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