First Day of School

Well, that was a busy weekend! I didn’t even tell you that while some of us were at Bethany’s wedding, Spencer had driven over to Tyler to be at his friend Asher’s wedding. And Saturday night, our former “adopted” college student and his sister stopped by for the evening–on their way to yet another wedding!

Mary spent most of Sunday visiting with friends, but she did make it back for an early supper. Meanwhile, we had been taking turns Skyping with Lina and I had made some chicken curry for our dinner. I also made a new batch of chai mix and Lucy packaged it up so Mary could take some back to Colorado for friends that had ordered some.

After our quick dinner, it was time to head back to the DFW airport to take Mary to catch her plane. Lucy came with us. After we dropped Mary off, she got hassled for her chai mix by security!

Lucy and I drove home through the night which watching an incredible continuous lightning show. Eventually we got close enough to drive into the rain. We were slowed down by what appeared to be a serious accident, but we finally made it home a little after midnight.

I didn’t get up as early as usual this morning, but when I did I was ready to get Jasper going on school. While I was gone, he did some math lessons on the computer but he had some trouble so today we did some review. We will be adding a little more to his schedule each day until we’re up to speed.

I ran some errands this afternoon and spent a lot of time paying bills and doing paperwork. Stuff really piles up when you are gone for back-to-back road trips!

I know I’ve shared this elsewhere, but I don’t think I’ve shared it here. Here is a link to the anthology which features one of my stories, Doomsafe. It’s been a long wait but the book is finally out!

Realmscapes Anthology

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