Crying at Weddings

Yes, I’m one of those ladies that cry at weddings. Not loudly or obtrusively, of course, but I still cry. Today’s wedding was very special. Mary’s friend Bethany was getting married.

Bethany is one of Mary’s oldest friends. They have been friends since they were six or seven. Back then, Bethany’s family lived directly across the street from us, and our kids played together all the time. Bethany and Mary were especially close—two skinny little girls with platinum blonde hair. Sometimes, I would look out to see the kids playing, and I wouldn’t be able to tell which was Mary and which was Bethany.

They grew into their middle school years, and became part of a “fellowship” of cloak wearing, live-action-role-playing girls mostly from our neighborhood. They had so much fun acting out stories everywhere from our yard to “Twilight Vale” on the nearby campus.

And on it went, through high school and college. Bethany and Mary both attended the same university. Today, I was tearing up before Bethany even walked down the aisle! So many years of memories, of seeing a rather rough-and-tumble little girl grow into a brilliant, kind and gracious woman. I am so happy for her.

Some photos:

2005 Bethany & Mary

In 2005 we took Bethany to the renaissance faire. Here she is trying to beat the stuffing out of Mary with a foam sword. She was very competitive!

7 girl sleepover

A fellowship sleepover when the girls were in their early teens. Mary is at the top and Bethany is next to her on the right.

8-6-16 Bethany

The blooming bride today!

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