A Happy Coincidence

Today there was no lolling about in bed until 8:00. I was up at my normal time (6:30) so I would have time to shower and eat breakfast before getting on the road. I made tea in my awesome new travel mug and took it with me to sip on the way.

As my recent epic road trip taught me, mornings are not my best driving time, but today went better than most. I stopped at Buc-ee’s to top off the gas tank and then continued on to the airport. Then I faced a dilemma. Mary had given me her flight number—American Airlines 160, but she had no information about what terminal or gate it would be arriving at. When I drove into the airport, signage informed me that American Airlines flights used terminals A, B, C, D, and E (all five terminals).

Well, that was peachy. I had an 80 percent chance of choosing the wrong one! I decided to park at Terminal C, so that I’d be centrally located and could move more easily to another terminal if necessary. I snagged a one-hour parking spot and then thought I’d go into the terminal and see if I could find Mary’s flight on one of the boards.

The only board I could find that listed flights was in the nearest baggage claim area, so I studied it carefully and could find no mention of Mary’s flight. There was a counter, though, with a man behind it, so I went and asked him if he could find out for me what terminal AA #160 would be arriving at. He squinted at his screen. “Number one-six-zero?” he asked. I nodded. “Right here,” he said. “This gate. This baggage claim.”

Yes. By a total fluke, I had  parked at the exact right place. All I had to do was sit and wait for a girl with blue hair to walk by. Since she only had a carryon, we could go right out to the car and get on our way. We stopped for lunch on the way home and had a nice visit. I made Mary drive so she couldn’t spend the whole time on her cell phone. (I am sneaky like that.)

After we got home, she had to get showered and ready to head out to her friend Bethany’s rehearsal dinner. Mary is in town for Bethany’s wedding and is doing the photos for it. It will be a quick visit but we’ll take what we can get!

Meanwhile, since I don’t have any massive project hanging over my head at the moment, I actually started reading a book. It feels so decadent.


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