Up and Down

Today was kind of a mixed bag. I have been sleeping unusually well here, which is such a blessing. Still, I didn’t wake up feeling ready to take on the world, or even the conference. I didn’t go to breakfast in case someone wanted to come make tea (I have food left over from my trip). So I was sitting on my bed reading, and apparently someone DID come, but I never heard him knock!

The regular classes started this morning. I made tea in my travel mug before I left and it stayed piping hot to the last sip. I am kind of in love with this mug. The brand is Oggi. I can’t believe how well it keeps my tea hot. When I get home I am going to hide it where the kids will never find it. All my previous travel mugs have been “borrowed” by kids, only to disappear or lose their lids. This one will not be given that chance!

I had my first appointment this morning, with one of my roommates and her partner. I met with them last year and they were interested in one of my books, but wanted me to work on it some more. So today I was shaking uncontrollably as I waited. I had asked a friend to pray for me, and she assured me she was. As I waited, a young man who is also attending the conference came up and asked if I would like to be prayed for. He knelt down beside me and prayed a heartfelt prayer that really blessed me.

So the appointment went pretty well. I am going to resubmit the manuscript I revised, along with another one. I was so relieved when it was over though!

I had an enjoyable conversation over lunch and then experienced a small but much-appreciated act of kindness when a dining room employee let me take the “wrong” way out to avoid having to climb a LOT of stairs.

The afternoon classes went well also. I changed one of my choices when I found out the one I had intended to attend was in another building and up a long flight of stairs! The one I went to instead was excellent, so I am not sorry.

I skipped the very last session to come back to the room, put my feet up and have a mug of tea while doing some knitting. It was a wonderful oasis of calm after “peopling” all day. Then my roommates came back and I enjoyed getting to know them a little better before we all got dressed for the banquet. One of my roommates is a dragon boat racer. How cool is that?

Then I made the mistake of checking my email and guess what? There was another rejection—the second in two days. And this wasn’t one of those helpful rejections, where they tell you to submit something else or explain why they couldn’t accept it. This was a form rejection. Suddenly all my recovering confidence evaporated. When you have pitched a story to someone, and they sounded really interested in it, and then they send you a form rejection, it feels like a slap in the face. I can’t help thinking: so, you loved my story idea but once you read my actual writing you were so turned off you just cut and pasted a form rejection? Am I really that bad? *sigh*

Having spent all my creative energy on the cloak I made, I threw together some garb to wear to tonight’s banquet and announced that I was “middle-aged Maid Marian.” There were some truly awesome costumes tonight, from a sparkling unicorn with realistic hooves to a dwarf woman complete with beard! Not to mention a lady dressed as R2D2 and carrying her adorable little baby dressed as BB8.

It was a fun evening despite the fact that the gluten-free plate was nothing to get excited about. I enjoyed seeing the awards and all the costumes and our dinner table conversation. Tomorrow the conference will end and someone will go home with the cloak. I also have two more appointments and would appreciate prayer.

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