Lucy Leaves Again

Today was not the kind of day I had hoped for. I had hoped Lucy would be able to ride in a church van to her last week at Arts camp (this is her fifth year to go). However, the van did not have room for her, so that meant I had to drive to Waxahachie today.

First, though I had my online class and then I had to hurry to get ready to go as Lucy was very impatient. I do not enjoy long stretches of driving, but at least this year we got to go in style in an air-conditioned vehicle! The last stretch of the trip we were belting out songs along with Peter, Paul and Mary. This is a fun mother-daughter car activity. It was very sobering, though, to see all the flag we passed flying at half mast.

Lucy was very happy to make it to camp where she can hang out with “her people” for the rest of the week. I said goodbye and then set off on the long drive home, singing all by myself with Peter, Paul, and Mary. I will have to do this drive again on Friday when I go to pick her up.

I got home before supper time and then after supper Jasper and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. My plans for tomorrow got postponed, so that means all sewing, all day for me tomorrow. Except when I’m teaching my last online class.







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