A Better Day

Today was less depressing than yesterday, which of course was a relief. Lucy found out that she is going to be able to go to Arts camp after all, so she is very happy.

I got Jasper started on his new math book this morning, and also on hearing the lesson on the computer instead of from me. I hope this will enable him to carry on and get his math done even if I am called away to do something else.

Having put it off all week, I finally went to Aldi today to do some grocery shopping. Nothing weird happened. I came home and drank a quart of water because it was really hot outside.

I have been obsessively checking my email all day in hopes of receiving an answer to an email I sent this morning. I was thinking about the fact that I’ll be going to Philadelphia, and I remembered that I have an old friend who lives in Philadelphia. Furthermore, I was able to get her contact information from a mutual friend and then I emailed her and asked about the possibility of getting together. I would really love to see her again. I guess I will continue to haunt my inbox until I hear something.

Meanwhile, I also taught my Skype class today and got some sewing and knitting done. One more day before the writers’ workshop where I’ll be teaching a class!



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