Independence Day

Yesterday (Sunday) we finally had my official birthday dinner. It wasn’t a gift-giving occasion due to the fact that the trip to South Dakota is my birthday and Mother’s Day present. My husband already gave me a new dress and Lina a skein of silk lace yarn, so I feel very blessed. I did want to have a special meal though.

Instead of cake we had cheesecake (mine was separate and crustless) and for the main course we had the Korean-marinated pork ribs of heavenly goodness, along with broccoli salad and corn on the cob. My loving husband actually grilled the meat for me even though he hates grilling. Usually I do all the grilling but he didn’t want me to have to cook my own birthday dinner! It was a wonderful meal, but not very easy on my blood sugar, so I won’t be repeating that any time soon!

Today Walter had to work on projects, and I’m sorry to say I did not work on the projects I should have here at home. I did go grocery shopping and plan a bare minimum Independence Day dinner. Meals here have become extremely complicated of late. When you’ve got a gluten-free diabetic (me), and an intermittent vegetarian (Lucy), and a newly-minted vegan (Spencer) all sharing a household with three actual normal people, it’s hard to know what to make.

I also got some knitting done, but my primary accomplishment was going through and reading my NaNo novel so I can get back to writing on it again. I am still really jazzed about the story. I just wish I had more time to spend on it!

Janet’s boyfriend Aaron came for supper. We did not cook out because we currently have a pest problem in our back yard and besides it’s really hot outside! So we cooked our hot dogs inside and had the traditional accoutrements, including watermelon. Watermelon is something I eat about once a year. However, after seeing what it did to my blood sugar I think maybe it should be “nonce” a year!

Then the kids wanted to watch a movie, so we waited till afterwards to bring out the ice cream and then go outside to do sparklers. We have a LOT of sparklers thanks to last year’s Boomland spree, so everybody got to burn as many as they wanted. It soon escalated to burning multiple sparklers at once. Nobody got hurt and everyone had a good time. Happy Birthday, America!


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