Finished Objects & a Soccer Win

You know what I forgot to do yesterday? I forgot to show you my finished objects for June. Surprise! They are all dishcloths! I have started some other projects, but they are not finished yet.

This is a coordinating pair I made for the lady who took Lucy to Puerto Rico:

Bell Dishcloths

And another coordinating pair that have not been given away yet:

SD Dishcloths

And a pink and purple one:

Pink dishcloth

Maybe you’ve noticed that I don’t make matching dishcloths, even when I plan to give away two together. I really don’t like making the exact same thing twice, which is probably why I’ve never been much of a sock knitter! I don’t like to repeat myself! Also, you do realize it is the middle of the year, right? That means that SOSK is upon me. SOSK is the Season Of Secret Knitting. So from now on I may not be able to show you all my finished objects at the end of the month!

Since I went to Walmart yesterday, I did not have to get up and go early this morning. I slept in till almost 8:00! (I had intended to get up somewhat earlier.) The good thing about it was that I had more energy and motivation than normal because of getting more sleep. I did end up having to go to Walmart later in the morning, because I needed printer ink and a couple other things, but I was in and out pretty quickly.

So I came home and blanched a bunch of broccoli and did some housework and took knitting breaks and even transferred my entire NaNo novel into Scrivener so I can get back to work on it.

Walter was out working on a project all morning, but he came back in time to take the boys to watch the Germany-Italy game with him on the big screen on campus. While they were gone, I got more done including practicing my autoharp and chording another hymn. I have chorded four hymns this week! My repertoire is growing.

I’m sure you’ll all be glad to know that Germany won. I checked on the score often so I would know what kind of mood the guys would be in when they came home!

This evening Jasper and I watched the rest of Return of the King. I think this one bothered him the most in terms of deviation from the book, but he still enjoyed it very much, and I got more knitting done.


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