Photo Supplement

This is a supplemental post relating to Saturday’s Celtic Fest excursion. Lucy has my camera, so the only photos I could take were on my phone, and my phone is getting a little eccentric in its old age, so it took several tries before I was able to download the photos!

6-25-16 piper

Here’s the piper with his great pipes. He also had small pipes!

6-25-16 Elliot juggling

Our friend Elliot juggling. One bratty kid kept demanding that he make himself disappear, and he said, “I doing that one for my mother right now!”

6-25-16 Carol Leos

Singer Carol Leos, who apparently went to the same school as me in Kenya.

6-225-16 Goodman museum

A better view of the beautiful Goodman Museum.

6-25-16 lizard

One of the two lizards I saw at this event. The first one was riding around on his mistress’s head. She (the lady) was wearing a bandanna and he looked very ornamental. Please note that the one in this photo has a leash that is attached to a bracelet his mistress is wearing. She also tried putting him on her head but his claws got stuck in her hair.


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