Daughter Day

This morning Jasper came to Walmart with me and it was almost like old times! Except that we didn’t need two carts, because I do the bulk of my shopping at Aldi.

When we got home, Jasper was very happy to walk to the donut shop and get donuts for himself and Walter and Jordan and Janet. Mary and Jordan got up and were able to spend some time chatting with Walter and Jasper before they had to leave for work.  After they left, I had some time to visit with them too and we enjoyed a nice salad lunch together before they took off for Waco, where they will be attending a wedding tomorrow.

Since they are here in Texas specifically to attend the wedding, we won’t be seeing much of them. They’ll be back tomorrow evening but will have to leave on Monday morning.

After they left, I had the house to myself (Janet was off on her own as usual) but I didn’t mind because I had scheduled a movie date with Lina. We hadn’t done that for quite a while, so it was nice to sit and watch a movie together and text back and forth about it. I also almost finished my current dishcloth!

Meanwhile, Lucy and Spencer were on their way back from Colorado. The car that Spencer was riding in broke down, but thankfully he and his friend were able to squeeze into other vehicles. They arrived back in town shortly after 7:00 this evening and I went to pick them up. Lucy had to spend the evening doing laundry and packing, because she leaves on her next trip early tomorrow morning. She’ll be home less than 12 hours between trips!

Oh, and I did manage to squeeze in an online conversation with my fourth daughter, Mercy, tonight as well!

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