Captain Picard Day

Today was a new nerdy holiday to add to my calendar—Captain Picard Day! Apparently someone figured out the star date of Captain Picard Day as portrayed in Star Trek The Next Generation and it came out to June 16. So from henceforth I will make a point of drinking Earl Grey tea on this day and when I tell my offspring to do anything, I shall follow up with “Make it so.”

I also learned something new while doing math with Jasper this morning. He had to learn about “box and whisker plots”—and so did I! I had never in my life heard that term before. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

This afternoon I ran a couple of errands and then I took Jasper to pick up a couple of robotics kits from the 4-H building. He’s going to build some robots for an event that’s happening next weekend. He’s also going to finish up cleaning his room because Mary and Jordan will be needing it tomorrow night!

This evening we did something Jasper has been looking forward to for a long time. We watched the first half of Fellowship of the Ring. Our family rule has always been that you can’t watch any of the movies until you have read all of the books. Because of Jasper’s dyslexia, he ended up listening to the unabridged audiobooks, but he finished them some time ago. I wanted him to wait till I could watch with him because what fun is it to watch alone? Maybe tomorrow we’ll have time to watch the other half before Mary and Jordan get here.

Also today I reached a dismaying conclusion. I decided that I should book my train tickets to Philadelphia while there were still plenty of seats available. However, when I began the process of doing so, I discovered that what I thought was the round trip price was actually the one-way price—which means that travel by train is beyond my means, as is flying. I do not think I could endure such a long trip on Greyhound, so that leaves me with the one option I was hoping to avoid, which is driving all the way there by myself.

The good news is that I can take three days to get there and three days to get back. I have already been warmly invited to spend a night coming and going with my cousin’s family, and I think I may have a place to stay the other two nights on the road also, but I will be honest: I would never have committed to the conference had I known I would have to drive all that way. So please pray that it will end up being a really worthwhile experience for me, because I really hate driving such long distances for multiple days in a row!

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