A Pleasant Break

Today my friend Angela came over. Normally, I only get to see her in the summer because I am so busy during the school year. Also, in summer when she comes over she can have a nice reprieve from her non-air-conditioned house!

So this morning, Jasper and I got started on math early, and then I got in the car to fetch Angela. She lives in a small town a 45 minute drive away. It is a beautiful drive, made even more enjoyable by being able to drive an air-conditioned car! I remember to take the egg cartons we’ve been saving for many months, so Angela will have them for her own chicken eggs.

Angela shares my love of crafting, so we spent her visit just talking while I knitted and she embroidered. She brought me an early birthday present, too—a lovely handmade bag with many pockets for holding sewing or knitting supplies. I love it!

At lunchtime we pooled our resources to make my favorite spinach salad with strawberries, bacon, nuts, feta cheese, etc. It was divine.

I do still have many other things to do, but it was such a treat to just sit and visit with a friend today. After her husband came to pick her up, I got a few little mending jobs done and that was very satisfactory also. I don’t know why I put off mending for so long. I feel so noble when I do it, and it usually does not take much time at all. Who wouldn’t want to feel both noble and productive?

I haven’t heard much from Lucy and Spencer, but I’m just going to assume they’re having a blast in Colorado . . . .

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