The Household Shrinks Again . . .

I seem to have neglected posting on Saturday. We had a chai party for those who are here for the summer, and it was pretty well attended.

Sunday morning I had to get up early to do some chauffeuring. Lucy and Spencer loaded their stuff in the car and then I took Spencer to the ATM machine to get cash for his trip before dropping him off at his church for worship practice. Then I had to take Lucy up to Walmart to buy a few last-minute items before heading back to the church also.

They left for Colorado after church on Sunday and arrived today. The next few days they’ll be participating in the annual World View camp.

Meanwhile, we had a very quiet Sunday with them gone and Janet also disappeared until late evening. I had some sort of stomach upset that kept me from doing much, so there were actually only two people who ate Sunday dinner–Walter and Jasper!

Thank goodness I felt somewhat better today, though very fatigued. Jasper and I got all our math done before lunch. It rained for most of the afternoon. I went out to buy a few groceries and as I returned home the power went out. It was 4:00 p.m.

That pretty much killed my supper plans, so I eventually went out again in search of fast food. I had to go rather far afield as the power outage was very widespread. Jasper and Janet and I ate in our very dark dining room (it has no window) and then Janet went out to watch a basketball game with friends.

The power came back on at 8:00 and shortly thereafter my husband arrived. It sure was good to have fans blowing again and our refrigerator working again too. I really hope I feel more energetic tomorrow as I want to enjoy spending time with a friend.

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