Last Class

This morning was hard after a difficult night during which I got very little sleep—but I still managed to make it to Aldi and get most of the chai party stuff. I made it home in time to finish my grading and prepare for my last class. This has been a good bunch of students and I enjoyed working with them. Right now it looks like this might be the only class I teach this summer.

Since our friend Lee was coming for supper, I tried a new recipe for dessert–a peanut butter and apple crumble. I have not tasted it, but it was a big hit! I also made a big pot of chicken curry that was pretty tasty, even when served on cauliflower which is the only way I can have curry these days.

Lee and Jasper did some remote-controlled quadcopter flying, and Lee had brought a fun new toy for Jasper–a little motor that you can attach to a paper airplane to make it fly better! They flew planes outside until it was too dark.

Also today, I assembled the cheap fan I bought at Dollar General yesterday and set it up near my chair in the living room. Since the weather heated up, I have been miserable in my little corner of the living room where the ceiling fan’s breeze doesn’t reach. It is hard to feel like knitting when you are hot and sweaty. This evening I was so much more comfortable I could hardly believe it. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to really improve your quality of life!

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