Blueberry Season Has Begun

Today got off to a specially early start for Jasper, who had agreed to go berry picking with our neighbors this morning. I had to haul him out of bed because his alarm didn’t go off, but he made it to the neighbors’ at about 6:30 as planned. Eventually he returned with a couple pounds of blueberries—I have to admit I was hoping for more! But the ones he brought were big and juicy!

The reason I did not go on the berry picking excursion was that I had a tutoring student coming this morning. This is a teenage girl who is writing her first novel and will be coming once a week for some help and guidance. It should be interesting to see how the adventure unfolds.

I still had my regular class to teach after lunch of course. Only two more days for this one! After class I had to go up to the north side of town to fetch Lucy from her friend’s house, and after picking her up I went ahead and swung by Hancock Fabrics, as there was a specific type of fabric I kind of wanted.

I got what I went for, but it was pretty depressing. The store is emptying out as it goes out of business, and some areas are bare now. I am glad my friend Regina didn’t stay to preside over this. It makes me want to cry. I will miss that store so much. I’ve been going there for 35 years!

This evening, Spencer and Lucy and Janet were at a party and Walter had to work by himself (which meant he worked late) so it was just Jasper and me for supper. He begged for and got a “movie dinner,” something we indulge in only when Walter is not home. He enjoyed watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for the first time, even though he hasn’t read any of the books on which the characters are based.

Also, it seems there is another road trip in my future. For Mother’s Day, the kids gave me a “certificate” good for a night in Dallas with my Esteemed Spouse. However, after Mercy got up to South Dakota and found out how awesome it is, the kids put their heads together and decided to finance an anniversary trip to South Dakota instead. This trip is now our Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday (for me) and anniversary gift! It is almost exactly as far to South Dakota as it was to go to Virginia for the wedding last month, so we will be on the road two days each way. We will get to stay at the ranch where Mercy is working. I am so excited. I have always wanted to see that part of the country, and I was kind of bummed out about not getting to do anything for our 35th anniversary.

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