Today I did the same stuff I do every day. I prepared for my class, graded papers, and did math with Jasper. Poor guy got a very nasty shock. He thought he was almost done with summer school because he misunderstood what I had told him a few weeks ago. When he realized he will have to work most of the summer he was very unhappy. At least he got to go swimming this afternoon!

I also finally started work on my sewing room, which has been unusable since Christmas. I have very ambitious plans for sewing this summer! I was also able to have a phone conversation with Mercy. She loves it up in South Dakota.

I finished knitting another dishcloth and started a new one. This little dishcloth streak will continue until I use up all my dishcloth cotton or get inspired to take on a bigger project!

One thought on “Monday

  1. I REALLY love the ones you sent, thank you SO MUCH!! Ellie immediately absconded the black/rainbow one, I have no idea where it is because she was carrying it around nonstop that day hugging it and rubbing it against her face. 🙂 You’re THE BEST!!

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