Making Stuff

Can you believe it’s June already? Can you also believe that I am already looking forward to cooler weather in the fall? *sigh*

Guess what I did today? I picked up the ceramic pieces we painted last week. Here is Lucy’s Captain America box:

6-1-16 Captain America box

And here is Geneva’s camera-themed box:

6-1-16 Geneva's box

And here is my finished trivet:

6-1-16 blue trivet

I think they turned out pretty well!

Back in January, I said that at the end of every month I’d show you my finished projects for that month. A funny thing happened though: I was so busy doing other stuff that I never finished any projects in February, March, or April. I was working on a project all that time–just very slowly in my few free moments. It was a baby bunting for the sweet baby whom I met in Georgia earlier in May, and who was already too big for it by the time I finished it!

1 baby bunting

After spending so long on one project, I was ready to do some “instant gratification” projects, and for me that is usually dishcloths. Here are two that I have made this month:

5-16-16 dish cloth

5-31-16 dish cloth

I have made at least five others but I made and gave them away so fast I never photographed them. Here’s hoping June is a productive month!


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