Yard Tour!

I don’t know if we’ve ever taken Memorial Day off to just have fun. This morning I went to Walmart early in hopes of getting a brisket to roast, but there was no brisket to be had. There wasn’t even a place where the brisket used to be. In Texas, on Memorial Day, this is an outrage! There were lots of ribs, but I didn’t want ribs. So, we had hamburgers for our supper.

Meanwhile, Walter and Jasper went to do their yard jobs and I prepared for my class. Today was the first class of a two-week course on paragraph writing that I often teach in the summer. Tomorrow should have been the first class of my creative writing course, but I had to cancel it due to lack of interest.

Later in the afternoon, when my class was over and Walter and Jasper had returned, Walter called me out into the yard to see something, which has prompted my first blog yard tour in quite some time. So, without further ado, here is what’s going on in our yard right now:

5-30-16 blue flowers - Copy

These blue flowers are blooming very lavishly. I wish I could remember what this plant is called. It was a gift from a student many years ago.

Hydrangeas are still blooming, in front of the house:

5-30-16 hydrangeas front

And in the side yard:

5-30-16 hydrangea side

Not to mention the oak leaf hydrangeas:

5-30-16 oak leaf hydrangeas

And the tiny shrub roses that have been blooming lavishly for weeks:

5-30-16 roses

And the roses lining the path to our door:

5-30-16 white roses

5-30-16 lavender rose

And the daylilies blooming at the foot of the pecan tree out front:

5-30-16 daylilies

But the pièce de résistance, the reason my husband called me outside, is this:

5-30-16 flame lilies

Our first flame lily blooms of the season. Normally they do not start blooming till mid June, so this was a very pleasant surprise. Every year, these little reminders of Africa make me smile.

Parting Shot:

5-30-16 go cart

Oh my. Apparently it is go-cart season again. Jasper and Sam have been hard at work!


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