Well, first of all, today is the 30th anniversary of the day that my firstborn, Lina, made her entrance into this world. When people tell you the years fly by, they are telling the truth! Once again we must celebrate her birthday on opposite sides of the ocean, but at least we can text and email each other!

The main focus of today was getting ready for Lucy’s graduation party. I went to Walmart to get the rest of the groceries we needed. The cookies were already made. Lucy and Geneva made the deviled eggs and the little sausage rolls. I had to work on music for Sunday but they really didn’t need my help.

The original plan was for the party to be outdoors, but with all the rain we’ve had that was not possible, so we had it indoors. I got a bunch of balloons and glow sticks for people to play with. I made raspberry lemonade and chai. Once everything was set up, I got out of the way.

Eventually, we had a pretty good crowd show up. I think it went pretty well. Tomorrow, we have to take Geneva back to the airport.


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