Rainy Day

Guess what? This is NOT a catch-up post! I am caught up at last.

It was a very good thing we went to the lake yesterday, because today as promised was rainy. Janet had her first day of work (working for Walter) and I made it to Aldi to get some groceries. Tomorrow we are having a graduation party for Lucy and that will require food.

It was raining by the time I returned home and it continued to rain all afternoon. We tried to figure out what we could do with Geneva, and finally settled on going to the Mud Hut, our local ceramic painting place.

5-26-16 at mud hut

At first I thought I’d just let the girls do it, but my desire to create something won out and I picked a project too. Lucy chose a little Captain America themed box:

5-26-16 Lucy's box

Geneva chose a square vase:

5-26-16 Geneva's vase

And I just got a square tile that I can use as a trivet:

5-26-16 trivet

We will get them back in a week and I will show you what they look like then. Geneva’s will have to be mailed to her, obviously.

On the way back from the Mud Hut we stopped at Bodacious Barbeque to pick up the meat for dinner and I ate as soon as we got home because I thought I’d be rushing off to the bee meeting with Jasper. The only problem was that Jasper was not home! He did finally show up and we rushed off to the meeting while the rest of the family had their supper. We wanted Geneva to experience real Texas barbeque.

During the meeting, Mercy was free to talk so I sneaked out to the car to call her. She had quite an adventure making it to South Dakota, but she’s there now and looking forward to a busy summer in a beautiful location.

This evening I took the girls to Sonic for drinks–another East Texas tradition. Around here it seems like young people are always going to Starbucks, Sonic, or Dairy Queen.

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