Catch-Up Post #4: The Journey Home & a Lake Excursion

I hope this will be my last catch-up post!

Monday morning we got up early and left Joel’s apartment by 7:00. We had a slight complication in that Janet’s luggage was much (MUCH) bigger than we had expected. It’s a good thing Walter has such excellent trunk-loading skills!

We reached Atlanta by 3:00 and stopped to pick up Jasper at his friend’s house. While we were enjoying ourselves in Virginia, he was having a blast too. His friends took him to Six Flags and also to Stone Mountain. I’m so glad he got to spend that time with his friend Josiah.

Once we had managed to stuff Jasper and his things into the car, we continued on down to visit Walter’s mother. We spent the rest of the afternoon with her and then when Walter’s sister got off work, we all had supper together before we headed back up to our friends’ house to spend the night. As we visited with them that evening, I ended up with some new yarn and a cute little project bag! Rebekah was thinning her stash and I was a beneficiary.

Tuesday morning we did not get up super early because Walter had decided to leave after rush hour instead of trying to beat it. It was a crafty move on his part, because we actually left late enough to arrive at the Caribbean bakery just as it was opening. Walter, Jasper and Janet all got meat patties to save for lunch. Alas, they have no gluten-free options.

It was a long, hot day. Since I didn’t have anything for lunch, we stopped at a Chick-fil-A to get some chicken, only to find that it was jammed with people and I’d have to wait a long time. So instead we went to a grocery store in the same shopping center and I got some rotisserie chicken and a salad, and we all sat in the car in the parking lot and ate our lunch.

It was kind of discouraging to hit the midway point at 3:00 in the afternoon, but we persevered. We crossed the Mississippi late in the afternoon and stopped for supper in Louisiana before finally arriving home at 9:30 in the evening. It was good to be home!

However, when we got here, the house was empty! Spencer and Lucy had gone out for coffee with Geneva, the friend who arrived early in the morning that same day. Geneva came all the way from Arizona and will be here until Saturday.

One of the things we really wanted to do with Geneva was take her to the lake. As I checked the weather while we were still on the road, it appeared that Wednesday would be the only rain-free day of her visit, so instead of having a recovery day yesterday, we had an outing. I did spend all morning doing catch-up tasks at my computer while waiting for that wedding song video to upload. It took well over two hours! Then I went out to buy supplies and by midafternoon we were on our way to the lake.

While I put gas in the car, the kids (including Janet) went into Walmart and got some inflatable floats to take. We had a bit of a shock when we got to the lake because the road on top of the dam was closed! I would probably have turned back if we hadn’t been following a truck that knew exactly what to do. There is a smaller road that dives down and runs along the base of the dam, then climbs back up again right before the floodgates. Problem solved!

We made it to the other side of the lake and set up again where we were with Mary and Jordan a couple of weeks ago. (Our normal spot is still closed due to flooding and we couldn’t have reached it anyway since the dam road was closed also.) The weather was hot and humid but the kids didn’t care since they were in the water. I got some knitting done and also called and talked to my dad for a while.

Meanwhile, poor Mercy was experiencing some travel tribulations. She wasn’t able to get on the flight she’d planned to take to South Dakota. When she finally did get a flight, it was too late for her to get a connecting flight and still make it to her rendezvous with her new employer. So she flew to Sioux Falls via Dallas and had to spend the night in the airport, in hopes of renting a car in the morning and driving the rest of the way (six hours).

We had a picnic supper and the kids went back out to the water for at least another hour. We packed up as the sun set and drove home through the balmy air. Because we are trying to give Geneva the full Texas experience, we stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home for ice cream cones. There was a lot of slurping in the car until we got home!

The fun wasn’t over yet, however. Somehow during the course of the day it came out that Geneva and Janet had never seen or read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. So after the kids took showers, we watched it and I got even more knitting done. It was a good day but a late night.

Parting Shot:

5-25-16 kids at the lake

Geneva’s family knew we were tall, so I thought I’d take a group shot of the kids to demonstrate the height difference between Lucy and Geneva, who are the same age. I love it.

Parting Shot #2:

5-19-16 doody calls

I can’t resist sharing this photo of a truck we saw in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.


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