Uh-oh! A-Comin’!

This morning I went to Aldi to buy some groceries. The minute I walked into the store with my cart, an adorable little toddler got worried. Her mom was in the aisle ahead of me, pushing a cart, and the little girl of course was sitting in the cart and facing toward me. She was very worried that I was going to run into them.

“Uh-oh!” she said repeatedly. “A-comin’!” The mother was not worried. “She can see us,” she said, referring to me. “We’re not in her way.” The little girl was not to be reassured. Every time I took a step forward, she sounded the alarm. “A-comin’! A-comin’!” Then several people walked into the store and she really freaked out! She clearly expected all of us to stampede right over her and her mother. I had to go past them so she could calm down!

My plans for this week are still somewhat in the air. Jasper and I still plan to leave on Wednesday, but it’s possible that Walter might be able to come with us after all. I’ll keep you posted! He began training someone this evening so we will see how it goes.


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