The Days Dwindle Down . . .

The time is speeding by ever faster and now we have only one day together before Mary, Jordan and Mercy depart. This morning I took some time out from my busy social schedule to pay bills and do paperwork. Then Mercy came over and I took her out to lunch.

We went up to a shopping center where I needed to stop anyway, and picked the least objectionable eating establishment from a diabetic’s point of view. I was very careful parking the car this time! We had a nice visit over lunch and then made a couple of stops on the way home.

Then the girls all went out shopping and I went to take a long luxurious nap. It was wonderful. By the time I got up, I needed to start on the pizza crust for supper. Normally, I make the crust and sauce and Lucy assembles and bakes the pizza while I figure out something else to eat. Today, though, since Mary is here, I made a cauliflower crust so that Mary and I could have some gluten-free, low carb pizza of our own.

What a treat! It has been many months since I had pizza. Later on we addressed a shameful gap in Jordan’s education by introducing him to Jeeves and Wooster. And I worked on the final touches of an e-book which I’ll be releasing in the next few days, a collection of tips for taking road trips with young children. I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

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