She Did It!

Today, of course, was mostly about graduation. My poor husband had to be at work at 6:00 this morning, so he was up very early. I slept in a little before getting up and making sure there was breakfast stuff on the table. Lucy was already up and had already done Mercy’s hair.

The boys slept in pretty late because they were all out at a movie until very late last night. Finally I felt they really had to get up, and then Flynn realized he still needed me to cut his hair. He had started cutting it himself before leaving Colorado, but didn’t quite finish the job. So I had to delay getting dressed until I had finished cutting his hair.

The kids all left early for the auditorium so they could save the seats which Walter had staked out for us. I waited for my parents and as it got later and later, we agreed to meet on campus. It was so great to be sitting all in a row to cheer Mercy on. She had been chosen to carry the “gonfalon” or banner for her school onto the platform, so we got to see her do that before she filed in with all the other graduates. She was easy to spot in the sea of mortarboards, because her hat had the word “RUGBY” on it in bright sparkly gold letters!

The speaker was one of the best they have had in recent years. I doubt the graduates were paying much attention, but I enjoyed it! Afterwards, we got to see Mercy cross the stage and get her diploma. Her brothers and brother-in-law stood up and cheered very loudly! We knew several other graduates too, so it was an enjoyable time for us.

Afterwards we convened outside for picture taking and then I headed home when my parents were ready to leave. Several of Mercy’s friends joined us for lunch before heading back to the campus for the second graduation ceremony. Flynn and Mary and others who stayed at the house spent the afternoon telling stories and laughing uproariously. My parents had gone back to their host’s home to take a much-needed nap. And Janet was busy moving in with us for the summer.

Flynn took a break from the hilarity to diagnose our moribund “kids” computer. Without saying anything to me, he figured out the hard drive was dead and went out, got a new one, and installed it. We’re really hoping we can retrieve some of the stuff that was on there–like all of Lucy’s papers for this school year!

Meanwhile, I had a birthday cake and dinner to make. I made a massive batch of ground nut stew, a lot of rice, and a gluten-free chai-flavored pound cake with chai icing (Jasper’s requested meal).  We had a very late supper because the birthday boy had to work all afternoon with Walter doing the yard jobs they couldn’t do last week because of the rain. Mary and her friend Nikki chopped up all the toppings for me, and we set up a buffet line outside again since there were 15 of us.

Jasper’s birthday dinner was a hit. We have one more big day before things settle down a little. Spencer and Lucy are taking Janet to the airport shortly after midnight tonight so she can fly out early in the morning. She will be helping to prepare for her brother’s wedding and then riding back with us afterwards.

Tomorrow, I realize very keenly, might be the last time I get to spend Mother’s Day with my own mother. She and my dad have both hinted this might be the last time they drive to Texas for a visit. So I am hoping to just savor tomorrow as I spend it in the company of my mother and almost all of my kids. She doesn’t need “stuff” so I made her a batch of her favorite peanut butter fudge. If you are a mother, I hope your day is blessed. If you have a mother, give her a hug!

I have no graduation photos to share because Mary is hoarding them. However I took this photo of Jasper with his cake:

5-7-16 Jasper's cake

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