A Great Reunion

Yesterday was an amazing day, but I was too tired to blog at the end of it. I had to go shopping to get still more things I had forgotten for the cookout (and I still forgot some stuff!). My parents were here all day and both of them got in a couple of good naps on our sofas.

In the afternoon, we went over to the campus for Mercy’s senior reception. They used to have a senior banquet, where they served a nice meal, and then they had a program where the academic honors were announced. Now they have a reception where there is no program–just lots of people milling around. If you go through a line you can shake the president’s hand and get some refreshments. So my parents and I sat there for an hour and then decided we weren’t accomplishing anything.

Meanwhile, Mary and Jordan arrived and Jordan had been helping Jasper get the fire going for the grill. I sent them out for ice and then I had a problem. I had a big pile of meat to grill and I had ice cream to make, and I couldn’t do both at once. Jordan came to my aid and grilled two dozen hamburgers and I think twice that many sausages, while I babysat the ice cream maker and then “packed” the finished product to let it harden.

Then our guests arrived. Mercy’s friends arrived and offered to help set up the buffet so that was another load taken off. Jonnie arrived with his whole family (minus his youngest sister) and then the fun really began.

5-6-16 7 Weiandts

What a blessing it was to have his grandparents and parents here. My parents were so delighted to spend time with their long-time friends.

I hadn’t told Steve (Jonnie’s dad) that our friend PJ was also coming, so when PJ arrived it was a pleasant surprise for Steve, his old college roommate. Here are Steve and his wife Michele on the left, and PJ and CO on the right.

5-6-16 Weiandts and Cooleys

We had two long tables set up in the back yard—one for us old folks, and one for the younger generation. Both tables were full! In addition to our kids and Steve & Michele’s kids, there were quite a few of Mercy’s friends and Janet came also.

What a lovely visit we had! PJ’s wife CO came eventually, as did Walter when he finished work. I had two kinds of homemade ice cream and three kinds of brownies. PJ had also brought a cake that was very popular.

When the sun went down and the mosquitoes starting coming out, we adjourned to the indoors. The kids all left to go watch a movie, and we old folks continued to visit. My dad and Steve Sr. told hunting story after hunting story. There were some good stories!

Parting Shot:

5-6-16 Weiandts with Mom & Dad

My parents with their good friends, Steve & Phyllis Weiandt


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