Today was a busy, busy day. Jasper and I went to Aldi this morning to stock up on food for the next few days. Lots and lots of food.

After we got home, my neighbor Kim came over to discuss some home schooling issues and I finally finished a project I’ve been working for what seems like forever. This afternoon, I did a five-point errand run: credit union, post office, gas station, department store, Walmart. While I was in Walmart, I got a call from my dad letting me know where they were. I told him they should make it here in two and half hours, and I was exactly right.

Meanwhile, Mercy’s three friends from Colorado arrived and stopped in to say hello. I was frantically doing stuff in the kitchen in preparation for our big cookout tomorrow.

Then my parents got here and we had a nice time around the supper table before they left to spend the night at our friends Jim & Joan’s house. Mercy and Lucy and several friends were gone at a movie all evening, so it ended up being kind of quiet in the house, which was good because I was more or less a zombie. Here’s hoping I get a good night’s rest because the next three days are going to be an exhausting marathon!


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