A Doozy of a Day

I had high hopes for today. I had no reason to believe it wasn’t going to be a pretty good day. It started with my husband waking up sick. My husband doesn’t do sickness by degrees. He is either functional or incapacitated. He was supposed to teach a seminar this morning so he got up and got dressed, but after almost passing out while drinking his tea, he agreed that he needed to cancel the meeting and go to bed.

Meanwhile, I had to take Lucy up to her final art class. I wasn’t able to do my normal Aldi shopping because Lucy and I had planned to go out to lunch to celebrate finishing her co-op class. So I ran a couple of other errands and then went to pick up Lucy. Her first choice of restaurant was closed, so she picked another one. We had a nice lunch, but when we went back out to the car and I backed out of the parking space, there was a horrific scraping sound.

I had only driven a few feet before I realized that the car felt and sounded “funny.” Another car was coming in the opposite direction and the driver stared at the front of our car. Fortunately, we were still in the parking area of a large shopping center, so I just pulled into another parking spot and we got out and looked at the car.

Yikes. The car appeared to be made of cheap cardboard. The plastic thingy that hangs down below the bumper was hanging almost to the pavement. Apparently I had parked too close to the parking bumper, and it had ripped out the plastic thingy when I backed out. This was very upsetting because I have tried to be so careful with this car. I have never driven a car with such low clearance before. With the van and the suburban, you could pull up to a parking bumper until the tires bumped into it. In fact you almost had to so as to avoid sticking out too far into the parking lot. With this little car, you have to avoid touching the bumper at all. I thought I had avoided it, until I backed out!

Well, we couldn’t drive home with the thing hanging down like that, so we walked across the parking lot to Target and bought a roll of duct tape. The only duct tape they had was very inferior. Then Lucy got down on the ground and went to work. After she did the first bit, she realized she needed to jack up one side of the car a little bit. We had to empty the trunk out so she could get at the jack. I didn’t even know that we had a jack!

She not only knew where it was; she knew how to use it. So I took my chair and sat under a tree in the shade and let her have at it. I was so proud of her. She got everything taped into place and got the car down off the jack and put everything back in the trunk.

4-27-16 Lucy by car

My hero!

We made it home safely and then a few minutes later, when we headed out to pick up Jasper’s friend Isaac, we took the Suburban. *sigh* It was a hot day, and we were already sweaty!

Isaac is here to spend the night with Jasper because Jasper had a birthday this week. He doesn’t get a party but he gets to invite one friend over for the night, and he chose Isaac because he sees him so rarely these days. I think they have been having fun.

I spent the afternoon preparing and then sending submissions to the two agents I had appointments with in Fort Worth this past weekend. Agent number three requested a different project and that will take a few days to get ready.

We picked up some pizza for supper and then when I checked my email I already had a rejection from one of the agents. Four hours turnaround time! It is less disappointing than you might think though. First of all, I was surprised she expressed interest at all. I didn’t think it would be her cup of tea, and it wasn’t. Secondly, when a rejection is almost instantaneous like that, you don’t really have time to get your hopes up. My reaction was more along the lines of, “Whew! I don’t have to worry about that one anymore!”

So instead of wallowing in self pity, I practiced my autoharp, which I have sorely missed the last couple of weeks. And by the way, my husband perked up and was able to struggle through his evening job today.

Parting Shot:

4-27-16 Lucy's hands

Lucy’s hands after taping the car together.


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