A Breakfast in Bed, a Talk, and a Meeting

Last night I was so tired and so unable to focus on what I needed to do that I went to bed early. I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep, but I was. Thank goodness. This morning I had to hit the ground running.

My first job was to make Jasper’s breakfast in bed. He didn’t get it yesterday on his birthday because I hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet. He loved his breakfast!

Then I had to finish getting all my visual aids organized for my talk this morning. I normally put a lot more time into preparing for a speech, but the last few weeks have been absolutely insane, and then I had kind of forgotten what my talk was supposed to be about until yesterday when I got an email reminder about it. So I was trying to still hang on to my plan and also cover the topic of time management.

I ate breakfast before leaving because I knew it was unlikely that the breakfast there would be something I could eat (and I was right). I was speaking at a local MOPS group (Mothers Of PreSchoolers). I wish I could tell you that I did a good job despite all my misgivings, but it wouldn’t be true. The activities before my talk went longer than expected, so I had to cut short what I wanted to say and I ended up leaving a lot of stuff out. I’m sure it sounded very disjointed. I felt that I totally fell flat on everything I said about time management because I left so much stuff out and my notes didn’t help me remember some of the things I wanted to say!

The general tips for staying sane as a mother of preschoolers went a little better, I thought. I passed out pipe cleaners and bubble solution and I think that part wasn’t as bad as the first part. I sure was glad when it was over and I could go home, though.

I took a long nap this afternoon. I decided I’ve been so tired lately that maybe I need to just try and get some rest!

Then it was time to go to my critique group meeting, followed by the regular writers’ group meeting. Our speaker was Steve Hemphill, who has spoken to us and inspired us before. Once again I found myself challenged and inspired, this time by the power of God’s word. I have a lot to think about!


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