Mercy’s Turn for a Party

We are just partiers this weekend! After Lucy’s big night last night, today was Mercy’s graduation party. She is graduating from university on May 7, but she wanted to have her party early so all her college friends would still be here. She and her friends did all the planning and we just helped as we were able.

I admit I was moving pretty slowly this morning after my late night last night, but I did make it to Walmart to do some shopping. Mercy came over late in the morning and starting cleaning up a storm. Eventually her friend Bri also came and helped clean before diving into food prep. They had a pretty ambitious menu–two kinds of pie, veggie tray, fruit tray, pinwheel sandwiches, two kinds of chips and various dips, chai, and lemonade. I contributed the chocolate chip cookies and honey cake I made yesterday.

Lucy and Bri made the sandwiches and I chopped lots and lots of fruit. Mercy actually had to leave to go to a rugby party right before her own party started. Other friends helped set up outside. One girl set up a lovely photo backdrop so Mercy’s friends could get their photos taken with her (using my camera).

Once the party started, I was definitely superfluous, but there was a great turnout. Lots of Mercy’s friends showed up and many of them stayed all evening. There was talking and laughing and singing. I think Mercy had a great evening and I’m thankful all her friends made the effort to come. It’s hard to believe she will soon be graduating and leaving for the summer!

Parting Shot:

4-16-16 Mercy and Catherine

Mercy with her friend Catherine. Catherine is my friend Robin’s daughter and she and Mercy have been friends since they were six!


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