A Recycled Outfit, an Injury, and a Successful Evening

I promised to tell you about the banquet, but I was too tired to post about it last night. First, we had the issue of the dress. I offered Lucy some of my clothes, but let’s get real–no teenager on earth wants to borrow her mom’s clothes for her senior banquet! She tried a bunch of different things and ended up choosing to wear her banquet dress from two years ago–and it still looks great on her!

I was up very late Thursday helping her dye her hair pink/purple, and then yesterday afternoon when I had to run an errand, she came with me and got still more dye because she didn’t think her tips were black enough.

The shoes were another conundrum. She has a pair of uncomfortable silver sandals which are her only “dressy” option. They are hard to walk in but she really had no other choice if she was going to conform to the dress code.

So anyway, she ended up looking fabulous and I went with her in full old-lady regalia, including my triple strand of fake pearls. The banquet was held at a country club this year. I was glad my friend Tammie was there, because I know almost no one in that homeschool group anymore and I don’t know who I would have sat with!

The meal was pretty standard banquet fare–chicken breasts, baked potatoes, broccoli, rolls, and salad. I put potato toppings on my salad since I couldn’t have the potatoes or the rolls. As the meal was winding down, the speaker got up and spoke. His message was excellent, but rather lengthy. Then the MC got up and introduced each of the high school classes. This was fun for me as I got to see how many are present or former students of mine.  A total of 16 kids were kids that I have taught at some point. Some of them have grown and changed so much that I’m not sure I would have recognized them without the introduction!

Lucy was sitting with her friends Haley and Stephanie, and I think they really enjoyed themselves. As soon as the program was over, Tammie left and I migrated to the patio. This kind of event is what I’ve come to refer to as “introvert hell.” I was grateful last night that “purgatory” was available in the form of a patio from which I could watch all the action without having to be in the noisy crowded room.

Meanwhile, Lucy and her friends took off on a walk, and as they were returning, Lucy’s sandals betrayed her and she fell down hard on the concrete, skinning her right knee. By the time she came to show it to me, it was more or less gushing blood that was running down her leg in several places. It was rather horrific. I sent the girls to get a first aid kit from the club. There was a problem with locating it, so Lucy ended up sitting in the bar and mopping up her blood with a bar towel. She will never forget this evening!

Eventually, a first aid kit was found and Haley patched up Lucy’s knee, only to have the dressing come off after a few minutes. At that point I decided to go get the first aid kit out of the car. Have I preached recently about the importance of having a first aid kit in your car? I don’t use the ready-made ones. I stock mine with things I think I might actually need. I had some big bandaids in there and some antibiotic ointment, so I was able to get her knee taken care of.

Meanwhile, inside the room, the dancing was going on. This year they paid a DJ to run that part of the program, and I think he did a great job. There was a mother/son dance and a dad/daughter dance, but otherwise he had those kids dancing every silly dance that’s come out in the last fifty years, from “the twist,” to the chicken dance, the Macarena and the YMCA. The kids who participated had a blast, as did some of the parents.

At 10:00 things wrapped up at the country club and I drove Lucy and her two friends to the after party at a big house in the country. We were the first ones there! That meant I could pick a comfy chair and doze on and off until after midnight. I did socialize a little. My big regret of the evening was that I didn’t take my knitting. I thought Lucy would get a ride with someone else to the after party, so I had no reason to think I’d have hours and hours of time to fill. I could have finished my current knitting project!

The kids played a variety of games and Lucy got to change into the clothes she had wanted to wear to the banquet. It was a fun evening but I was very tired by the end of it. I was proud of Lucy for hanging in there all evening because she is still a sick girl! We stopped to get her a snack on the way home and she slept in till after noon today. I’m so glad, after all the drama, that she ended up having a great time at her senior banquet.

Party Shot:

4-15-16 Lucy and Haley

I really fell down on the job when it came to taking pictures last night, but I really love this one of Lucy and Haley.

2 thoughts on “A Recycled Outfit, an Injury, and a Successful Evening

  1. So glad you got Lucy happily dressed for her party last evening.
    But sorry she hurt herself so badly. Hope she gets better feeling very soon. Oma


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