A Diagnosis and a Setback

This morning I knew I would have to find medical care for Lucy. You have to understand this is very hard for me. For many years now, I have been so conditioned to tough it out and avoid medical care for anything but life-threatening conditions. I have learned that almost every illness goes away by itself if you are patient. Sometimes, though, I have been too patient. With Lucy so sick this week, I couldn’t help thinking back to how sick Mary was right before her high school graduation. We should have taken her to a medical professional, and we didn’t. She did eventually recover, but she was very sick for a long time and I deeply regret not getting her the help she needed.

So anyway, I asked around on Facebook this morning and made an appointment for Lucy at a walk-in clinic on the north side of town. Despite making an appointment, we still had to wait for over an hour. The exam was perfunctory, but it did reveal an obvious source of Lucy’s misery: a severe infection in her left ear. Her seasonal allergies were also exacerbating her discomfort.

We stocked up on allergy meds and got her antibiotic and got her started on it. We are hoping she feels a LOT better in the morning, because tomorrow is the homeschool group’s banquet, the final one of her high school career.

Remember how happy I was yesterday when we found just the right jacket for Lucy to wear? Well, it seems my relief was misplaced, and we now are dealing with a difficult situation that is totally my fault. When I signed Lucy up for the banquet, I did not read through the dress code, because we’ve done this so many times before and I thought I knew what the dress code was. I thought it was all about modesty, as was the case in the past, and that has never been a problem with my girls.

This evening, someone posted a link to the dress code as a reminder, and as I skimmed through it I realized that things have changed. Lucy’s outfit, though modest, does not conform to the dress code in several respects. It involves a shortish dress and leggings–both of which are forbidden. She planned to wear Converse sneakers since it is all but impossible to find dressy shoes in her size anyway. Sneakers are also forbidden. And finally, there is a prohibition on visible tattoos, which means the small tattoo on her wrist will have to be covered up somehow. If we cannot come up with a completely new outfit, she will have to stay home from her senior banquet. I cannot afford to rush out and buy her a new dress tomorrow morning, so our options are limited. I’ll let you know what happens. Tonight I am helping her with her hair. Brace yourselves for a new look!



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