The End is Sort of In Sight

I was up late last night working on class stuff, and I made the choice to go to bed rather than stay up even later to write a blog entry.

Our friends Don and Gwen left Sunday afternoon for their long drive back to New York. If all goes well, they will be back for the summer. They are looking for a place they can rent for the months of July and August, as they will have their three kids with them.

Over the weekend, both Lucy and Jasper came down with a cold and sore throat. I’m so ready for this kind of thing to stop going around! We had a 4-H meeting in the afternoon, and afterwards Lucy and I went shopping. She is looking for stuff to wear to the banquet on Friday, since the thing we thought she was getting from Amazon won’t be available till May!

Today I had to get right down to work grading papers and preparing for my class. It was our last “real” class of the school year! Next week, we party and watch a movie. But today, we took a vocabulary test and a punctuation test. Glad to have that out of the way.


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