More Than I Bargained For

At the chai party a week ago, Don and Gwen were chatting with one of the Sri Lankan students from the university, and mentioning how much they love Sri Lankan food. (Remember Janet’s family is Sri Lankan and her mom is a fabulous cook.) So anyway, the guy offered to come to our house and make us all a Sri Lankan meal while Don and Gwen are here. Naturally, they asked if it was okay with me and I said yes. I mean, am I going to turn down ethnic food, especially if someone else does the cooking? I don’t think so.

Today was the day. It turned into a really big project, much bigger than I had imagined when we first talked about it. First of all, the guy called in a friend to help. Don took them grocery shopping, and they came back with sacks and sacks of food. They set up a table on the patio so they’d have room to do all the cutting and peeling and chopping. Then they started cooking.

After a couple of hours, Janet and another girl came. Then the second guy’s wife and baby. My kitchen was very full and busy! My only contribution was a big ol’ pot of rice.

Supper wasn’t ready until after 8:00 this evening–but it was worth the wait. In addition to the rice, we had chapatis:

4-9-16 chapatis

Some stir-fried vegetables:

4-9-16 stir fry

A fragrant chicken stew:

4-9-16 chicken stew

A very tasty lentil stew:

4-9-16 lentils

And a spicy and mild version of this stuff:

4-9-16 mild

There was so much food! There was enough left over for us to have for dinner tomorrow too.

Don helped with all the cooking, and then after everyone left, he stayed up and cooked the rest of the chapatis and washed a mountain of dishes.

Parting Shot:

4-9-16 chefs

Here are the two chefs who prepared tonight’s feast.

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