A Two-Event Day

If you’ve been reading my posts for long, you know that most of the time I am a one-event-per-day kind of girl. I am not a high energy person. Sometimes, though, I can’t avoid having multiple events in a day, and obviously I survive them because I am still here!

Today, I had my geography class and I also had invited guests for dinner. So this morning I got going on the geography stuff. Lucy and I made lamingtons (Australian cubes of heaven coated in chocolate icing and coconut). I also made “birdseed bars,” which are purportedly a New Zealand recipe. I also made rice, and my student Chandler made a Solomon Island recipe of curried  papaya.

We have finished with Africa and are on Oceania now. I enjoyed showing my Australia and New Zealand pictures. The food was a hit. Don and Gwen even joined us for a while.

After my students left, it was time to start working on a company dinner. It was a recipe I normally make in the crockpot, but since I was busy all day I never had time to do it! So I had to speed things up and cook on the stove after starting my second batch of rice for the day. I made an orange chicken recipe that has been a big hit in the past, even though I knew I couldn’t eat it myself. The last time I tried it sent my blood sugar into the stratosphere.

The couple I had invited are dear friends of ours who are also friends with Don and Gwen. It didn’t work out to get together during Don and Gwen’s last visit, so I’m glad it worked out today.

It was a fun dinner with ten people at the table. The chicken was a big hit! I tried not to feel sorry for myself as I ate my plain chicken and cabbage. I knew it was not worth it to let myself be tempted.

After supper we had a nice visit in the living room before our guests had to leave. Despite painful arthritis in my fingers, I even managed to get some knitting done.


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